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Incubate, a global venture capital and strategic investor network, collaborates with worldwide stakeholders in the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, manufacturing, and financial sectors to further advance early-stage investment in the life sciences. By doing so, Incubate strives to increase the availability of life-saving medications. 

Advancing innovation by amplifying

the early-stage voice. 

Accelerating Investment for Life-Saving Innovations. 


Incubate founded Incubate Coalition Japan (ICJ), as Japan represents a large and strategic opportunity to invest in new life sciences innovation. Japan has always been a leader in life science research and development. Recently, the Government of Japan placed a greater
emphasis on strengthening the life sciences innovation ecosystem. Investment in new ventures, and further developing the capital markets needed to nurture them, represents an important part of that objective. ICJ hopes to advise and guide the Government of Japan in their efforts.

Empowering Japan's Life Sciences Ecosystem


Promote policies that empower life science innovators to build a thriving ecosystem that stays in Japan.


For Japan to remain competitive in biotech, its business, investment, and policy ecosystems must welcome and support life science innovators from start-ups to major firms. 


Foster Innovation

Encourage a positive pro-growth policy environment for capital to be invested in research & development within Japan.   


  • A robust incubator, buttressed by modern policy reforms, will position Japan as a global leader in the development of new life science cures.  

  • Strengthening Japanese intellectual property systems ensures that the revenue from successful treatments and technology can be reinvested for continued research and innovation. 

  • Promote diverse modalities of capital raising, which include venture as well as other forms of finance. 


Safeguard Advancements

Spotlight the venture capital-driven breakthroughs that are transforming therapeutics, preventative medicine, and medical technology for health professionals and patients around the globe. 


As Japan looks to meet the needs of an aging population, unrelenting innovation spurred by venture capital investment will play a key role in supporting the overall wellbeing of Japanese patients. 


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